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Cryptocurrency deposits based on smart contracts. Invest in cryptocurrency, open deposits at 80% per year. In June 2017 the cryptocurrency fund started the assets management for investors. Investor feedback

Open NTS 80% deposit
3 years on the cryptocurrency market
190,1% USDT profit in 2019
378 opened deposits

NTS 80%

The deposit is opened for 12 months. You can withdraw your deposit after the deadline by sending a withdrawal application form to a project administration. After approval, the deposit will be fully withdrawn, without any fines and fees.

Payments are made once a quarter, at the rate of 20.01% per quarter.

  • Interest for Q4 - January 15
  • Interest for Q1 - April 15
  • Interest for Q2 - July 15
  • Interest for Q3 - October 15

Deposit / reinvestment

  • 0% fee - this means that the entire amount of your deposit is in operation.
  • Interest on the deposit is calculated starting from the next month after making the deposit. The month in which the deposit is opened is not considered as a system.
  • For example, a deposit was opened on October 30, 2019 at 23:59 Moscow time. The system will accrue the interest on January 15, 2020 for November and December - 13.34%.
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What is a Neutrino?

NTS80 is a token created on the basis of the Ethereum blockchain network, the issue and circulation of which is controlled by a smart contract.

The main goal of the NTS80 token is the fair distribution of profit that was earned by the NTS Crypto team from all investments. Thanks to its technology, the NTS80 token has a number of features related to the issue and affiliate program.

Indicate the amount of investment in USDT or the equivalent of US dollars. The minimum deposit is 500 USDT.

To work in the system, you must log in to the Ethereum wallet. We recommend the MetaMask extension.

Open NTS 80% deposit



  • 0% fee for the withdrawal of interest on the deposit
  • 0% fee for withdrawing the deposit body.

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