Successful international businessmen focused on commodity trading and investment with assets located in 21 country. Mr. Naji is famous for his sport (as chairman of IFDA - international football association) and charity (as a founder of NTS Foundation) activities. Also Mr. Naji has strong political influence in CIS, EU, Central Asia and Middle East.
Commodity trading: with focus on supply to developing central Asia markets we provide our clients with full support of goods delivery. Investments: incorporated as fund structure, we provide access and expertise to investors in Africa and CIS region investment projects portfolio which include commodities production greenfields, venture and real estate projects. New businesses development: logistics, fintech, corporate consulting and advisory.
• Crude oil and petroleum products
• Grains and food products
• Fertilizers
• Timber and wood products
• Metals and mining products

Incorporated in UAE, Turkey, Russia
• Mauritius investment fund: focus on Africa region (gold, diamonds and wood production projects) • UAE Investment Fund: focus on emerging markets (VC, real estate, commodity greenfields, public equity) • Russian Investment fund: focus on Russian market (infrastructure projects, commodity greenfields, public equity)
As an important part of NTS businesses our mission is to promote fair distribution of opportunities among the most unprotected people Fields of NTS Foundation operations:
  • Humanitarian and social missions
  • Sport promotion
  • Culture integration
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